Friday, February 19, 2016

Withdrawals Again

So yesterday I broke my Facebook fast because my best friends got married in my backyard and I had wedding photos to send and congratulations to extend and it was totally the best reason ever. Today I'm dealing with the aftermath.

Like I said a couple of posts ago the happy news things on Facebook are the things I really miss and yesterday was kind of the ultimate happy news fix and now I'm going through the whole Facebook withdrawal process all over again.

Also while I was on I happened to see that one of my friend's son's cancer treatment isn't going well and they're seeking a second opinion from St. Jude. Another friend posted asking for support e-mails to be sent to the parole board because her mother's murderer is coming up for parole again soon. I catch myself wondering if this fast is beneficial or not when it is causing me to miss things like that.

At the same time I caught a glimpse (a big one) of the usual BS Facebook drama. Post after post that reminded me why I chose this as my Lenten discipline in the first place sends me swinging back to the knowledge that yes, this is the right decision. That doesn't mean it's an easy decision. I suppose if it were easy it wouldn't be a sacrifice though would it?

I'm caught up on my film reviews except for the one telling me the password is incorrect. I've watched documentaries all day today. Next week I need to space them out better.

I've got two kinds of potatoes and a tray of carrots roasting in the oven.

I'm avoiding my phone. That is the one connection that I can't seem to avoid consistently. I lose too many notifications that way.

In some ways I feel like I'm right back at square one. Heck, even one of the films I was reviewing had constant references to Facebook. It's everywhere.

This has strengthened my resolve not to take Sundays. The little bit makes it harder the next day. Still I have no regrets about taking yesterday to celebrate. Love is always worth celebrating.

Until tomorrow, Peace.

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