Monday, February 15, 2016

Pantry Challenge Begins

Today is prep day. On the agenda, veg prep and all things oatmeal. 

Broccoli and Cauliflower bought whole is cheaper than in the convenient bags that I usually rely on but bulkier to store in the refrigerator so those need to be broken down and bagged. Mushrooms need to be cleaned and sliced. Carrots and parsnips need to be scraped and prepped for roasting, snacking, salads and so forth. Peppers need to be cut into strips for snacking and diced for recipes. Onions need to be diced for a black bean salsa and other things. Fresh dill needs to meet with lemon juice and olive oil for dill pesto. 

Also on the agenda is oatmeal. Dried fruit needs to be combined with quick oats, dry milk powder, spices and sweetener and packaged to take the place of that pricey Quaker stuff. Steel cut needs to meet eggs and baking powder and peanut butter for peanut butter baked oatmeal. 

I'm also headed out to goodwill to see if I can find those taco bowl molds again. I have two of the ones for the big flour tortillas but because I'm gluten free I can only use the smaller corn tortillas and I need the smaller molds for those if I can find them. 

Since I know I'm headed to goodwill anyway I will be grabbing some things to drop off as well. 40 bags task for today accomplished. Yay two birds/one stone! 

On the Facebook front...

I miss birthday messages. I try to send those out every day because I enjoy so much receiving them (and my birthday is a week from tomorrow which means I'll miss those too) and I know that 12 of my Facebook friends had birthdays yesterday alone so no telling how many I'll miss in six weeks. I did post one yesterday. My annual remembrance post for Jeff. Forever 28. He should have been 49 yesterday. Lost in the mid-90's to the HIV epidemic. I will never get over missing him. Memory Eternal my darling, wonderful friend. 

I miss comments. So if you're one of the dozen or so folks my stats tell me are reading these ramblings of mine, please use that comment box down below and talk to me! 

I miss seeing happy news. Yeah a lot of what clutters my newsfeed every day is negative and nasty but not seeing that doesn't make up for missing pregnancy announcements, offers on new homes, engagement announcements, photos from special events, photos of rapidly growing babies and kiddos. Facebook makes all that easy. Instant. 

I miss my friends that live in my computer. I went out Saturday night with my girlfriends and we saw a lot of my local Facebook cohort so that was fantastic but my friends that aren't local, the ones that "live in my computer", those I miss a lot. My fellow "wife of Harold", AdrienneQW and her Harold. My friend Jema who is a progressive at heart but works in a fundamentalist denomination. My brave "Sea-horsie". Our little group of GCM refugees that have been together for a decade or more without ever having met IRL. My grown up church kids: Kate and Katie in New York State, Katherine and Margaret Frisby and their athletic adventures, Jeremy and Mary and the kids. My MGA friends that are scattered all over the place. Charity Case and Jimmy, Kelly Ray Shelton, Tommie Gardner and Lindsay, the incredible Blair Williams, Arnold Myint/Suzy Wong, Chad and Chuck and Larry and Terry and Jerry and Joe and on and on it goes. I did get to see Eden Alive on Saturday at the show though. 

I am shocked at how dependent my family is on Facebook as primary communication. I talked to my mom yesterday after my notifications showed me that she'd posted something on my timeline. She didn't know I had given up Facebook for Lent. I mentioned that my cousin had tagged me in something the day I signed off but I had no idea what. The sad thing is I don't even have a phone number for my cousins to call and find out. I've got to fix that. I have phone numbers for my aunts and uncles but not for my cousins. We all communicate via Facebook. All of us in that middle generation. Who knows what our kids will use. 

I don't miss drama. I don't miss hateful meme wars or political posturing or finding out that people I thought were otherwise sane and lovely support people I cannot fathom ever supporting in any way. I don't miss any of that. 

Over all though I'm still convinced that this was a good choice for me. 

Until tomorrow, Peace. 

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