Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Contemplating Creativity

I am blessed to have grown up in a family filled with creative people. We may make our living in seemingly mundane jobs such as banking, electrical work, appliance sales and service and so on but our lives, the things we do for the joy of it, reveal the creativity within us.

My great grandmother, Lizzie Hale Milligan, was a somewhat regionally well known painter and quilter.

A great uncle on my dad's side was folk artist sculptor Carlton Garrett.

We come by it honestly.

 My mother sewed for me all the way through high school prom formals and then took up heirloom sewing when my daughter was born. She's branched into quilting, banner making and embroidery among other things. 

Currently my thing is theater. I'm a cosplayer turned costumer/prop/set designer and I love the things I get to do. I'm also Bella DuBalle's "Fairy Drag Mama" and I do everything from making props, costumes and jewelry to driving/dressing/photographing/videoing her at events to running follow spots at Miss Gay America. 

My daughter is an actor, a cosplayer and an accomplished stage manager. My husband can make a computer do anything. My dad is multi-talented and can create just about anything he sets his mind to. Currently he's into weaving. Past endeavors have included hand embroidery, jewelry making, puppets and puppetry and the ability to create anything out of cardboard and duct tape. My cousins are into the arts of all kinds, from drawing and painting to web design to blacksmithing to jewelry to photography and on and on. 

One of my goals for this season is to spend more time in creative endeavors. That's why you're seeing so much Pinterest activity filling up my Facebook feed. I'm currently costuming my second show for Bartlett High School Panther Playhouse, getting ready for our first meeting/read tonight for Dragnificent and I'm working on my thoughts and ideas for the costume panels I have coming up at Mid-South Con next month so the creative in me is at the forefront right now.  

Since we are also currently trying to bring in extra money I'm about to start working on stocking my Etsy store. If you need an easter gift for a special someone or something monogrammed for those spring and summer weddings check me out after February 19th at TeribearsDen. If you need help planning those spring and summer weddings or with any other event hit me up via email - terriweaver@gmail.com. We are in the early stages of launching Team Weaver Event Support and we love to work for people we know and like, which if you're reading this blog via my Facebook feed probably includes you.  

Speaking of stocking that Etsy store...I need to go take some photos.

Until tomorrow, Peace. 

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