Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week Two in Review

Missed posting yesterday. I was a bit under the weather. Nothing I can put my finger on other than perhaps the storm front moving through but I woke up with a horrible headache and nothing would do but sleep.

Had a lovely birthday. According to my notifications nearly 300 of my Facebook friends sent wishes. I'm looking forward to seeing them at the end of Lent. Spent the evening with my friends playing Cards Against Humanity, eating dressed up tater tots and gluten free pineapple upside down cake and having lovely cocktails and wine. In another bit of serendipity it ended up that we were also celebrating a new job so yay for that. I'm not sharing details until the job holder makes it Facebook official. LOL!

Things I learned during week two:

What I miss most about Facebook is conversation. 

Even though there is a comment option here only one person has used it. Often times I post things to Facebook strictly to start dialogue. Yes, I know. Sometimes that dialogue devolves into debate and people get ugly but even those conversations serve a purpose. If nothing else they help me refine my friends list. I have a circle of friends that do the same kind of posting and I feel woefully left out since I'm missing out on six weeks of those conversations in the middle of the election cycle. Whatever will I do on Super Tuesday?

What it bothers me most to be missing is personal stuff. Births, deaths, prayer requests, life changes.

Some of it Jessica is catching and passing along to me and some of it I'm catching in the 10 minutes here or there when these things post but I know I'm missing things that are important. When someone is motivated to share something real with the entire internet world it's important. Yeah there's a lot of pointless garbage posted to Facebook but it has its useful points as well and in choosing to give that up I feel badly about places where I'd normally offer a word of support and I'm not there to know that is needed.

What I'm accomplishing that I otherwise wouldn't be is eating at home. 

That's been a goal for some months and it became critical these last two weeks due to a fairly massive banking error on our part. Since I am off Facebook and on the Lenten Pantry Challenge I am actually doing it for a change. When I get bored, without Facebook to fill the void, I find myself on Pinterest searching for pantry challenge recipes and actually getting up and cooking the things that I find. The instant oatmeal cups are pretty handy and the recipe for frittata is using up odds and ends left overs in a delicious way.

What is feeding my spirit is being outside.

I suffer from depression and it gets worse seasonally. Usually February is one of my worst months. Being away from Facebook makes it far less appealing to hibernate and hide so I find myself getting outside for at least a little bit of time most days, particularly when it is pretty outside. Noticing that my wild and messy backyard photographed remarkably well when the boys got married has me thinking of what I could do with it if I can clean it up a bit. It got seriously back to nature last summer and I still need to find a way (humanely if possible) to get rid of the doggone moles but I think being out there more this spring and summer is a goal of mine.

What I'm into creatively is costuming. All the costuming. 

I haven't been to BHS this week because I'm up against a deadline for Pageant. Sashes are embroidered and waiting to be assembled and embellished.  Never fear though, work is going on or Anne Frank as well even though I'm not in house. I have the costume plot nearly done (what they should be wearing when) and I know what needs to be sourced this weekend from Goodwill to finish out the wardrobe for the boys. I need to shoot a message to Doc and remind him that I need that dental jacket asap. Monday I need to go to Stagedoor and borrow the shoes for the guys and to Playhouse and rent the Nazi uniforms. In addition to that I have Mid-South Con coming up the final weekend before Easter and I have my panel assignments for that to prepare for so my creative life is lots of fabric, pins, and needles right now.

So there are the top 5 things going on with me this week as a result of the great Lenten Facebook fast of 2016. Until tomorrow, Peace.

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