Thursday, February 18, 2016

The One Where I Marry my Best Friends

Somedays an average Thursday turns out to be something quite magical.

My best friends have been engaged just a bit over two years. When they got engaged it wasn't legal for them to get married. That changed just a bit less than 8 months ago. We have been wondering when they were going to set a date ever since.

Today the wondering ended.

This afternoon I was having a lazy day, reading a novel on my kindle and cuddled up with the dog when the daughter came bounding downstairs holding out her cell phone. "Austin wants to talk to you."

Austin never calls. We text. We facebook message. He never calls. "What's wrong?"

"I don't think anything is wrong but he wants to talk to you."

"Hello love!"

"Hey, so we just left the county clerks office and we need someone to sign our marriage license and I know you can do that so can we come over and have you sign this for us?"

I stared at the phone and the disaster area that is my house and panicked for a hot second and then said the only thing that I would ever have said. "Yeah. The house is a hot mess but come on. Where are you?"

After figuring out that there was absolutely zero possibility of being able to get the house company ready in time I noticed that it was a stunningly beautiful day outside. So I went outside. Pulled some overly tall weeds out of my labyrinth, re-arranged the lawn furniture a bit and was sitting at the bistro table on my front porch when they pulled into the driveway about 20 minutes later.

We talked quickly over what they wanted, I signed all the legal stuff and after grabbing a few things I needed we headed to the center of the labyrinth. The ceremony was short and sweet and very them and it was my honor to be the one to pronounce them husband and husband.

Slade and Austin's Wedding Day

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