Sunday, February 14, 2016

To Facebook or Not To Facebook? That is the Question.

So Lent has loopholes and the biggest one of those is Sunday. Sunday is a "feast day" and as such fasting is not required. Now clearly this is a throw back to when Lent was a time of literally abstaining from foods but it opens up a loophole for the modern practitioner that one then has to choose whether or not to use. I don't have a dogmatic opinion on the matter as I have done it both ways over the years since I began to observe the church calendar and the season of Lent. So today I have the option, should I choose to, to re-engage on Facebook for the day.

Honestly I'm torn. I feel like I should check in at least weekly given how many events and groups I belong to that use Facebook for scheduling and so forth BUT I'm also trying to break a habit so is it better to continue abstaining for that reason? I'm still finding places where I click a page that I forget is linked to my Facebook and I still get notifications via e-mail so it's not like I have fully managed to disconnect yet anyway. Which tilts the scale in favor of continuing to abstain as best I can, at least for the moment. I think.

So, I did have a look, which turned into half an hour without me being aware, which means that I absolutely won't be using the loophole after tonight. It's counterproductive to my goals

Tomorrow I begin the pantry challenge in earnest. Already it's cut my typical grocery expenditure in half for this shop. Tonight I'll be making menu plans for the week, for dinner we are having an asparagus frittata with dill, lemon and mozzarella cheese. We'll have enough left for breakfasts and/or lunches for later in the week. Harold, not being vegetarian, made bacon to go along with his.

Two more bags went out in the 40 bags challenge.

And I got a Valentine lunch date with my hubby. Not a bad day.

Until tomorrow, Peace.

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